Seismic Brokerage Services Ltd. was incorporated on April 30, 1990, as a small independent seismic brokerage firm.  Initially the company focused on data brokering and now services a number of geophysicists/geologists in the oil and gas industry.  In 1995, Seismic Brokerage Services Ltd. was approached to acquire 85 km of proprietary data in SE Saskatchewan and now manages that survey.  Data management was added to the company's operations in 1996, when the owner of Seismic Brokerage Services Ltd. , Tom Kelly, was asked to manage a small oil and gas database.  Seismic Brokerage Services Ltd. now manages data for a number of small to medium sized oil and gas companies. While the company has been expanding its services, data brokering is still the foundation of the business. 

Currently the company employs three team members: Tom Kelly, President and Data Broker, Shannon Peters, Marketing and Sales, and Faith McClennon, Executive Assistant.  Seismic Brokerage Services Ltd. also employs three outside contract services, including MapIt Systems, Pretteg Consultants Ltd., and Mercury Messenger.